Status and Bonus Program

Conditions for Participation CLICCESSORY Status and Bonus Program

The CLICCESSORY Status and Bonus Program rewards your enthusiasm for the concept of CLICCESSORY. For each addition to your personal collection of CLICCESSORY-pieces you will receive status points. These status points determine the current level on the way to the elite group of the CLICCESSORY EVANGELISTS. The different status levels are exclusive CLICCESSORY-worlds, and a thank you to our dedicated CLICCESSORY-ambassador, who has access to non-public and limited special editions, special bonus vouchers and is awarded with other benefits.

Once you have become a CLICCESSORY EVANGELIST, you enter a unique circle of selected, strong personalities and VIPs from all over the world. You will receive access to the Jewelry-Club of CLICCESSORY and can as CLICCESSORY EVANGELIST, enjoying bonus advantages among other things, launch you own designs, with international presentations and display your collections in a special framework. In addition you can earn on all sales from the friends and acquaintances associated with you.

For the collection of Status Points some conditions apply. These you will find summarized below. Special rules can also apply from the action and communication programs (e.g. Newsletter, award vouchers, campaigns).

Access and Participation

You are entitled to participate in the CLICCESSORY Status and rewards program as an individual, if you are older than 18 years of age and are resident of a country where CLICCESSORY is on offer. By this we mean your main place of residence (principle domicile), which must be proven, upon request, to the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH.

The participation begins with the opening of a personal account (as above in 2. the terms and conditions described below) on and the receipt of status points when making a first order.

With only 50 Status Points (corresponds to a purchase order of EUR 50.00) you will receive, together with your purchase order, your personal CLICCESSORY- collector’s bracelet in an exclusive collection box. The CLICCESSORY- collector’s bracelet is our gift to you and your ticket to an even more exclusive world of CLICCESSORY. The collector’s bracelet carries the first status pearl, which indicates your level on the way to Evangelist status. With further Status Points for each order you will increase your bonus level and receive, as a sign of each new level, a further status pearl for your collector’s bracelet.

A legal entitlement to join the CLICCESSORY Status and rewards program does not exist. The Nerobin Jewelry GmbH can, without giving reasons, refuse the admission to the CLICCESSORY Status and rewards program.

Collection of Status Points | Achievement of Status Levels

The basis for the calculation of the CLICCESSORY Status and Bonus Program are bonus points which are recorded in the customer's account. The earned awards can be used only for the purposes expressly stated in the terms and conditions or listed in any other customer information. Bonus points from other programs may not be converted into CLICCESSORY Status Points, unless the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH has agreed to this with the respective operators of other programs. The Status Points and the Status account are not transferable and cannot be converted into cash, unless explicitly stipulated otherwise.

The current state of the Status account can be seen in your personal customer account. In addition, if you actively use the CLICCESSORY Status-and rewards program to a specific amount you will receive regular information on the current account balance.

The acquisition of Status Points is only possible after registration of participation. The number of credited Status Points is determined by the service terms and conditions at the time of utilization.

Other opportunities to purchase Status and Bonus Points and the related conditions are announced separately in a special communication.

Certain other services may be excluded from a credit of Status Points via prior announcement in the special communication media of the program.

The Status Points awards will be automatically credited after registration at the time of completion of a qualifying CLICCESSORY online purchase or with the purchase of a product in a business using a designated terminal. Status Points which are not automatically registered in a status account cannot be credited retroactively.

In the case of cancellation or partial return of the goods, the credited Status Points will also be deleted.

Highest Status Level | Evolution of own Collection/Design | Participation in Sales

On the highest Evangelist level (from 10,000 Status Points) you have - in addition to many other benefits - the honor to represent exclusively selected BISAZO BERLIN-jewelry combinations and/or up to 5 of your own signature pieces in the CLICCESSORY studios. You will receive support from the BISAZO BERLIN design teams who will assist you together with CLICCESSORY to design and launch your international, personally unique signature pieces.

Please note that these individual agreements are subject to a certain level of confidentiality and upon achieving the highest status in tailor-made agreements with you as a VIP-brand ambassador of Nerobin Jewelry this confidentiality will be specified separately, which, however, does not exclude the rest of the applicable terms and conditions.

Breach of Terms and Conditions | Termination

You can terminate the contract without prior notice in writing at any time. Termination by the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH is only in compliance with a notice period of two weeks, provided that the termination is not due to a cause where notice is not necessary. A termination without notice by the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH, as well as exclusion from membership of the program can only apply with good reasons with an effect on the future. An important reason lies in particular in the event of a serious breach of the terms and conditions of the subscriber or the General Terms of Business, or any other communication media of the program or in the program documents or rules applying to the Status and Bonus Program of CLICCESSORY.

The same applies in the case of significant misrepresentation, harassing or offensive behavior toward employees or other customers of the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH or partner companies. Further claims (in particular claims for damages) remain unaffected. In the cases mentioned above, Nerobin Jewelry GmbH reserves the right to reject an existing status in accordance to the present terms and conditions of use of the program or, as provided for, by means of a unilateral declaration to terminate without notice. In the cases mentioned above, the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH also reserves the right to block the customer's account.

The authorization to block an account also applies to suspicious circumstances where an important reason exists, applicable for a period in which an appropriate examination of the facts can be undertaken. Revocation claims from the subscriber in this case do not exist. After termination by Nerobin Jewelry GmbH renewed participation in CLICCESSORY Status and bonus program is not possible. For the implementation of the relationship after such a termination the Terms and Conditions apply.

In the event of a normal termination by the subscriber, the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH shall retain the earned status points, which are valid for a period of six months after receipt of the termination, provided an earlier forfeiture does not apply. In the event of justified termination without notice by the Nerobin Jewelry GmbH the bonus points will expire upon receipt of the notice of termination by the subscriber.

The Nerobin Jewelry GmbH reserves the right, to terminate the BISAZO Status and Bonus Program at any time or replace it with another program and to duly terminate the contracts of participation. In the case of such a termination, the paragraphs 11.5.1 and 11.5.2 find the appropriate application.

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