Wear and care tips

Adorn yourself whenever you want to and whatever mood you're in. With the jewellery of BISAZO BERLIN there are plenty of magical moments to be found!

However, you should bear in mind that when gardening, playing sports, taking a shower, sunbathing, or during a sauna visit, you can all damage the jewellery. Even water and sweat can damage the surface over time and dents and scratches due to collisions are costly to repair.

Silver jewellery can quickly lose colour and shine when you wear it in chlorinated or salt water. Particular caution should be exercised with pearls, as the knotted thread is always wet and cannot dry properly. In rare cases, the pearls could get damaged from the inside. All BISAZO BERLIN pieces undergo a strict quality control and are natural products.

All BISAZO BERLIN jewellery should only be put on after applying make-up, cosmetics, hair spray, powders, perfumes, deodorants, etc. Protect all BISAZO BERLIN pieces from steam, fats and oils.


The best way to remove particles of dirt is with a lintless cotton or microfiber cloth. All BISAZO FABRIC bands can easily be gently wiped clean with a damp cloth and a dash of shampoo. Please note that all gemstones and beads are attached to threads and we do not recommend the immersion of these in water. If the latches become discoloured, these can be dipped into a silver cleaning solution. Ensure that these pieces of jewellery do not come into contact with cleaner solutions or solvents.

The beads are made of organic material and should not be cleaned with soap. You can maintain the unique lustre by wiping the beads with a soft cloth and oil. When cleaning the pearls exercise extreme caution, as humidity can damage the yarn and the beads.


Keep your collection BISASO BERLIN best in jewellery box included. Each piece of jewellery has the space it needs is velvety embedded and protected against environmental factors. With time silver jewellery oxidises and can start to turn black or grey. This also applies to silver plated jewellery pieces. Do not store your jewellery in humid rooms, such as in the bathroom, as this can accelerate the oxidation.

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